Wondercon Wrap Up

Welcome to con recovery week! Wondercon was much fun and a good success as far a game demos go. We had a really good turnout for our Steve Jackson Games tabletop demos, especially on Sunday, when the tables were packed! Luckily all our usual gang of MIBs pitched in to help us out because there is a big learning curve to being con liaison. Not only was this our first liaison gig, it was also our first time at Wondercon, so that made things interesting.

David documenting stuff we learned over at Topless Robot. As a general overview, there are some things we will do differently next time, based on this experience. Top of both lists is to arrive on Friday. Next year we will take a vacation day at least on Friday, and possibly Monday. It would have been more fun, and saved us much stress, if we had been there Friday, so that’s a must. And Monday is nice to have as a “con recovery day”, especially since we were up until the wee hours of the morning writing and editing the TR article, only to turn around and go back to our day jobs a few hours later. It’s now Wednesday and we’ve managed to do little besides a basic grocery run, a weak attempt at unpacking, and watching some more Supernatural (almost done with Season 7).

The other thing I want to explore sooner rather than later is swag and signage. I really love those little badge flags and I’d like to make that a “thing” for Strategicon, so I’ve been doing some research into getting those for our MIB team to hand out at the various cons. I also want to work on getting some flags and signage for our demo areas. At the very least we’re going to get a flag or two for the next Strategicon since we’re going to try splitting our time between GURPs and board games. (Crazy! I know!)

The only gaming happening this weekend is of the video game variety, but next weekend we are back to Vampire the Requiem and Mirrors, and then it’s time to prep for Gamex! Hope to see you there!

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Game On at Wondercon!


Attending Wondercon in Anaheim, CA this weekend? Come play some games with us!

We will be representing for Steve Jackson games, running demos of FRAG, Munchkin, Castellan, Revolution, and GURPs with our fellow MIBS all weekend.

Details and a full schedule can be found here.

See you there!

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