How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Since it’s been forever since I’ve updated here, I figure I’ll just give you a run down of our happenings, what we have going on in the near and far future, and a promise to try to update this thing once a week again.

Summer Goings On:

- Baby Metal in concert at their first and only US date during their “test the waters” international tour. They were terrific, even if the venue was not. Highly recommend checking them out when they tour again in a couple months. Do not recommend you see them (or any other act) at the Fonda Theater in LA.

- BaconFest at the Queen Mary. Not as well executed as the one we attended in LA last year. The Queen Mary however was super cool and we plan on visiting again! Very Soon! (See Future Haps)

-We did not attend GenCon, but we did do a couple of GenCon adjacent articles for Topless Robot on D&D 5th Edition and Dark Dungons the Movie. Feel free to check those out.

-We’ve been playing in a terrific Conan themed FATE game as part of the DGS-RPG Lab Meetup Group. Last game was great and we’re looking forward to Seth’s next FATE game, Atomic Robo! (The Atomic Robo rulesbook is, by the way, amazing and you should check it out.)

-We did not attend SDCC this year, but having not attended I cannot recommend the Nerd HQ panels up on YouTube enough. They are like being there. The Supernatural one, in particular is hilarious, even if you are not familiar with the show.

-Guardians of the Galaxy is my new favorite Marvel movie and you should go see it because it will blow your mind and tickle your funny bone.

Future Happenings:

- I don’t want to jinx anything but it looks like we may be attending not one, but two major conventions next summer. Stay tuned on that.

-My Vampire the Requiem game for Dead Gamers Society will be starting up in October. It will use the new Blood & Smoke rules and it is an urban game set in a fictional Southern Calfornia tourist/beach city with a heavy Hispanic influence. I’m going to be using “Shadows of Mexico” more than a little for this game, so it should be interesting. First Saturday of the Month in Fullerton. Signups should be going up soon. I’ll let you know when it drops.

-I will also be teaching a GM workshop for Dead Gamers University in September, the Saturday after the convention. Attendance is free, but you have to sign up. My course will be on NPC creation, but there will also be other fine workshops for the new GM or the GM who just wants some new ideas.

-Strategicon is Labor Day weekend! We will be there in our MIB shirts, representing for Steve Jackson Games once again. Gaslamp will be on Saturday at 2pm as always, but on Sunday we are running the Final and that’s all I can tell you about that because the specifics of the game are A SECRET. You’ll have to place in the GURPS tournament to see what we have in store for you. Also I will be in the board game room on Sunday morning running some Munchkin. Sign up for games here.

**Special Note: Due to our 2015 con schedule, we will not be at Strategicon in February. I managed to snag us tickets to Gallifrey One. 2015 is going to be, like, THE YEAR OF THE CONVENTION. Or something.

-This year, however, is the year of the concert. It’s not enough we got to see VNV Nation and BabyMetal. In November we are going to see The Birthday Massacre at The Glasshouse in Pomona (great venue), and VNV/Skinny Puppy when they play Pomona in December.

-In October, we’ll be at the Queen Mary for their Halloween maze thing, plus staying ON THE SHIP, where we might see a ghost or something spooky.

And that’s all the news I got for now. Catch you next week peeps!

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If you are in the LA area, come play some games with us this weekend at Strategicon’s Gamex, at the LAX Hilton!!

We will be running various Steve Jackson board games from 7pm -11pm tonight (Friday) and GURPS: Gaslamp Adventures on Saturday at 2pm.


You can also check out our latest article on Topless Robot – 10 Reasons David Goyer Must Be Stopped!

Game on!

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