We will be at Wondercon in Anaheim representing Steve Jackson Games in our MIB capacity, as well as attending panels and looking for cool cosplayers.

Schedule is here. We will mainly be at Exhibit Hall D, Games Area

Come play some games with us! We will have a variety of SJ Games tabletop awesomeness, including Munchkin, FRAG, Revolution, and many more! (Seriously, I have two bags filled with games in my trunk right now!) Also, there will be prizes! Hoorah!

Besides Wondercon, thing I’m geeking out on this week: Mallrats 2

I’m a huge Kevin Smith fangirl – I love his movies, I listen to several of his podcasts, I follow him on Twitter, and I’ve been known to rush to defend him more than once on a certain website that we write for. He is my John Hughes – capturer of my early 20s experience and the 90s slacker/stoner culture in general.  Mallrats is my favorite of all his movies – for me it’s the most relatable, I have a funny story about it related to my early years of being with David, and I think I might still have a crush on Brodie. I was super excited to hear there will be a Mallrats 2! Yes, that was last week and yes, I’m still geeking out on it, that’s how excited I am.

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