Character Generation

GURPS: Gaslamp Adventures characters are 600 points, with 150 points in disadvantages including a mandatory Extremely Hazardous Duty: Oddfellows, plus 5 quirks.

These characters should either be based on cinematic versions of historical figures from the time period of 1860 – 1920, or literary characters that were created and popular in that time. Exceptions can be made as long as the selection is close to the time period and on topic for the genre.

Each characters should either be a Dreamer or an Imaginary, with a Dreamer being a human who is empowered by a Dreamland while an Imaginary is an actual resident of the Dreamland. The only game mechanical differences between a Dreamer and an Imaginary is how that Exotic and/or Supernatural advantages should be more common among Imaginaries than Dreamers.

A character should also select 3 Dreamlands – 1 primary, 1 secondary, and 1 opposed.

Primary – This is the Dreamland with the most influence on a character. The character’s main Dreamland association. The player may choose freely among powers associated with this Dreamland and may purchase its Detect power.

Secondary – A secondary influence. The character may choose a single power from this Dreamland’s list.

Opposed – This is a Dreamland the character is actively opposed to. Largely a role-playing consideration, though it could be used as a “hook” for Disadvantages such as Intolerance, Vow, Weakness, Obsession, and Enemy.

The above is intended as a helpful guide more than absolute guidelines – exceptions will be made to most rules laid out above. Email for any character generation help or character approval.

Before play at the convention, all characters must be approved – please send to

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