Clockwork: Powers

Oracle (digital)  

They say a Tock can tell the future by reading the newspaper, the wind,  and an almanac.

Gadgeteer (Quick)  

No one can build and design machines like a Tock – most of `em can see the design in their heads before picking up a tool or a pencil.  It’s an amazing thing to see.

Absolute Direction  (10) + Absolute Timing (5)   

Some Tocks always know where and when they are, no matter the circumstances.

Psychometry  (Hypersensory)   

Tocks can read the scene of a crime like a book – it seems like magic, until they explain every last detail and ruin the fun.

Neutralize (Cosmic, All) – 1 hour preparation      

Tocks say Clockwork’s reality is the true reality, and sometimes seem to prove it with this rite – by sealing an area against “unnatural” influences they can prevent the manifestation of other Dreamlands.

Detect (Clockwork, Machines, Analyze)

Tocks can sense their own or the intrusion of Clockwork. They also can sense the presence and function of most machines.

Tech Level +1  

If a Tock locks him or herself in a warehouse for a few months or years, whole new industries can result.


Lots of people use guns, but only Tocks ever seem to really understand them – a Tock can use a pistol like it’s a part of their body.

Common Sense (Active)

Tocks have an understanding of how things should be. Some scoff at this particular power, but sometimes you really want to stay out of trouble.

Scanning Sense (Scanner, Penetrating) – Limited to machines    

Some Tocks take their mastery of machines even further and can diagnose, understand, and examine a machine just by eye, never needing to open it.

Clockwork OR Kadath   

Common Sense (Active)              

Tocks and Frights can both keep you out of trouble – it’s just a question if they’re asking the angels or the devils.

Psychometry (Hypersensory)   

Kadath and Clockwork are both famed for their investigators – they do tend to look for different things, though.


Fine-tuning human machinery and eldritch enchantments can both muffle sound.

Filter Lungs       

Tocks and Frights both deal with poisoned atmospheres.  It’s just that Clockwork is willingly poisoned, more or less.


Either a Tock or a Fright will tell you the universe has Meaning. It’s just that the Meaning differs depending on which you ask.

Clockwork OR Neverland            

Weapon Master              

Tocks fight to prove fighting is a science while Grogs try to prove it’s an art. Being as they both seem equally gifted most just call it a draw.

See Invisible     

Tocks and Grogs are equally concerned with watching out for invisible things sneaking up behind (or in front of) them.


A Tock will call this a transcendent connection with the machinery of the gun. Neverlanders just call it fancy shootin’.

Destiny – Great Advantage         

Both Neverland and Clockwork will empower their children with powerful (and hopefully compatible) destinies.

True Faith (opposes Mythos)    

Tocks practice religion in a Cathedral or church while Grogs prefer the open ocean or quiet parts of the wilderness. Both can scare off the occasional beastie.

Clockwork OR Wonderland        

Absolute Direction (10) + Absolute Timing (5)  

Time moves strangely in Wonderland but normally in Clockwork – either motion tends to instill a certain temporal sense.


Tocks tend towards camouflage and clouds of steam, Grogs toward blending in with nature or disappearing in a puff of faerie magic.

Terrain Adaptation (Active)       

Masters of the wilderness, Grogs can thrive in any environment. Tocks can as well though they tend to use things like wheels on the feet and stilts in the legs to do it.

Versatile (leveled, x4) 

Despite their reputation, Tocks are creative types and problem solvers. Grogs are the same way, though it’s not as surprising.

Vibration Sense (Targeting)       

Tocks with antennae or whiskers are most likely to cultivate this odd parlor trick; Grogs just seem to have an innate sense.

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