Wonderland Powers

Telekinesis (Animation / Independent)

Aces are masters of machines in their own way, assuming your main preference is to watch them caper and dance.


Aces are not much for research – in fact, some say the less information they have, the better their answers are.


Around an Ace, you never know if what you are seeing and hearing is real, though then again “real” is relative around those touched by Wonderland.


An Ace argues that their world is real and it is others who live in a delusion – occasionally they seem to prove their own point by walking through walls and floors.

Warp (Requires Reflection)

The most famous invocation of this involved a looking glass, but some Aces can travel through anything reflective.

Detect (Wonderland, Royalty/gentry)

In addition to sensing their own, Aces can sense Kings, Queens, Barons, and the odd President or Prime Minister.

Affliction – Hallucination

Some Aces can send you down the rabbit hole, show you how they see the world. It’s not a pleasant experience.

Elastic Skin (Glamour)

Some Aces can choose their faces. It’s an illusion but a very effective one.

Universal Digestion + Immunity (anything eaten)

Aces with this power host some very disturbing tea parties… they eat the china and the table along with the biscuits.


It’s not an Ace disappearing that’s so disturbing… it’s wondering what they get up to while you can’t see them.

Wonderland OR Clockwork

Absolute Direction (10) + Absolute Timing (5)  

Time moves strangely in Wonderland but normally in Clockwork – either motion tends to instill a certain temporal sense.


Tocks tend towards camouflage and clouds of steam, Grogs toward blending in with nature or disappearing in a puff of faerie magic.

Terrain Adaptation (Active)       

Masters of the wilderness, Grogs can thrive in any environment. Tocks can as well though they tend to use things like wheels on the feet and stilts in the legs to do it.

Versatile (leveled, x4) 

Despite their reputation, Tocks are creative types and problem solvers. Grogs are the same way, though it’s not as surprising.

Vibration Sense (Targeting)       

Tocks with antennae or whiskers are most likely to cultivate this odd parlor trick; Grogs just seem to have an innate sense.

Wonderland OR Kadath

Darkvision (Color)          

Wonderland is subterranean and thus parts are quite dark, but Aces do quite love the flowers there. Fights have evolved past the need for sight for a host of other, unsettling reasons.


The Cheshire cat is the most famous Wonderlander with the ability to fade in and out. Kadath, on the other hand, has no lack of things spectral.


Aces and Frights will both sneak up on you… it’s an open question which you’d least like to see vanish from sight.

Shadow Form   

Either an Ace or a Fright can be flat, though Frights tend more towards ‘living shadow’ and Aces more towards ‘living playing card’.


You never know when an Ace or a Fright you run up against just won’t know how to die. If you survive, best visit the libraries and start trying to find the thing that kills them.

Wonderland OR Neverland

Elastic Skin (Glamour)  

Mischief is the main reason for wearing another’s face, and both Grogs and Aces specialize in mischief.

Rapier Wit         

A Grog might stun you with a jibe, a Wonderlander with a nonsensical rhyme or riddle. Either may stab you while you’re trying to get your mind back in the swing of things.

Speak with Animals       

Aces and Grogs both enjoy the occasional conversation with dogs, cats, monkeys, or parrots. Some of them understand the answers.


The Aces that do it are half rabbit and sometimes make homes under the ground and the Grogs tend to do it for ambush. Either way, it’s one of the oddest things you’ll see.


When it comes to summoning illusions, an Ace will credit being from a world where reality changes at the whim of the resident while Grogs tip their pirate hat to faeries. Either way, they’ll make you miserable with it.

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