See each Dreamland’s page for a character’s Primary, Secondary, and Opposed alignment.

Primary refers to the Dreamland that a character has the strongest connection to. Powers from the Primary Dreamland’s affinity list may be chosen freely.

Secondary indicates a Dreamland that a character has a secondary connection to. Though the Dreamlands are a powerful idea, it is a mistake to assume that most characters or dreams maintain a strict ideological purity. Instead, characters may choose a single power from their Secondary Dreamland’s affinity list.

Opposed indicates a Dreamland that the character has a strong opposition to. The character has a deep-set intolerance for this Dreamland and dislikes being around it or any manifestation thereof. This generally only applies as a Quirk (-1) level, though Dread, Weakness, and Intolerance (or a combination of all 3) could be taken for a character with an unusual degree of sensitivity. Characters are also required to take a skill Incompetence (-1) in one of their Opposed Dreamland’s key skills.

Click the symbol below for a Dreamland’s power list:

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