Enemies of the Oddfellows

Lord Charleston

Enemy of:  Phileas Fogg


A man who first lost a great deal of money to Fogg’s bet and is now losing shipping income to his airship fleet, Lord Charleston has turned to Sorcery to even the odds.


Enemy of: Tesla


Edison, the Wizard of Menlo Park ,has gone slightly mad, creating and building hundreds of dangerous and ill-tested prototypes without regard for what they do.

Irene Adler

Enemy of: Dupin


Dupin would like nothing better than to capture Irene Adler due to her disruptions of society (any chance to show up Sherlock Holmes is surely a side issue)

Conqueror Worm/The Raven

Enemy of: Poe


The darkest creations of Poe’s mind live – the Conqueror Worm lurks and the Raven is its herald.


Enemy of: Annie Oakley


Annie fears the Wendigo has her scent – she will not feel safe returning home until, somehow, it is destroyed.

Boone Helm

Enemy of: Wild Bill


Boone Helm was an infamous serial killer and gunslinger in life – now, he is something much worse.

Yellow-Veiled Priest

Enemy of: Florence Nightingale


The Yellow-Veiled Priest does most directly and indirectly to spread evil but it is his cult that Florence hates the most as it directly opposes her work.

Wolf Man

Enemy of: Adam F


Adam is a monster striving to be human and the Wolfman is a human turned monster. It may be inevitable that they hate each other.


Enemy of: Randolph Carter


Nyarlhotep once tried to send Randolph Carter to the end of the universe – since his failure he has hated Carter with a great passion.


Enemy of: Victor Frankenstein


The Conservator is a representative of Clockwork that strives to keep Clockwork’s gifts in the right hands. Victor’s combination of Clockwork science with Kadathian Necromancy is wholly abhorrent in its eyes.


Enemy of: Charles Babbage


The Jabberwocky is a creature of pure chaos – such things frightened Babbage even before his life was dependent on the orderly function of his machine implants.


Enemy of: Ned Land


Nemo declared war on the surface some time ago, and Ned Land still hates him for his enforced time spent in the Nautilus.


Enemy of: Lord Greystoke


The vampiric aristocrat enslaves wolves and bats as well as humans to his service, making him especially hated by Tarzan.


Enemy of: Wendy Darling


The undead Pirate Blackbeard has been known to crowd the territories and agreements of the other, more collegiate pirates. He and Wendy have had many run-ins.

The Croc

Enemy of: James Hook


Most think it was somehow the work of the Pan that the Croc began to think like a man and became a bit of a pirate in his own right. No matter how it happened, both the Croc and Hook know that one of them has to kill the other eventually.

Mr Hyde

Enemy of: Mary Poppins


Mr Hyde’s brutality and victimizing of the weak combined with his standing for the evil that can be invoked in good people makes him anathema to Mary Poppins.

Red Hand

Enemy of: Alice Lidell


The assassin/headsman for the Red Queen still craves Alice’s head on his mantle, at least a little, and his work for the Red Queen makes him Alice’s mirror image.

Invisible Man

Enemy of: Harry Houdini


The Invisible Man shares some of Houdini’s powers but uses them entirely for evil, making Houdini feel responsible to hunt him down.

The Collector

Enemy of: John Dolittle


Dr. Moreau’s ambitions to make animals like humans and his painful experiments to enable this goal both horrify Dr. Dolittle. He and Moreau oppose each other whenever possible.

Red Knight

Enemy of: Zorro


The Red Knight, granted the agility of the chess piece it embodies, has been dispatched to kill Zorro. It is a terrifying and implacable foe.

Alan Quartermain

Enemy of: Harry the Gunbunny


Alan Quartermain is considered the ultimate hunter. Harry, being a rabbit with a gun, could be considered the ultimate prey. A showdown is inevitable.


Enemy of: Sherlock Holmes


The Napoleon of Crime is considered to orchestrate or control the London Underworld. He and Holmes have one of the most famous vendettas of modern times.

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