Vampire Conclave 2014-2015

Sunset Cove

Welcome to Sunset Cove! One of California’s premier vacation destinations. Hang out on the beach, enjoy the carnival atmosphere of the boardwalk, find a unique gift to take home in the Downtown district, root for our Sunset Soldiers at Fizzpop Stadium, or just relax at one of a dozen premier spas that can be found around our city. Just make sure you rest up for a night on the town. From outdoor concerts to one of the most happening club scenes on the west coast, out nightlife is to die for…

There is change in the air for Sunset Cove. Rumors abound that the Prince is ready to take a well deserved rest and hand over her power to a worthy successor. As in mortal politics, this is the sort of event that draws all kinds of attention, not only from those seeking to win the crown, or benefit for the one who does, but also those looking to take advantage of the weakness and chaos that comes from any major change to the status quo. You are a new player in an old game – maybe you moved to Sunset Cove from another city, maybe you have simply kept to yourself until now, maybe you only recently rose from Torpor and are finding your way in the modern world. Whatever your reasons, the rumors have reached your ears and caught your attention. Whether you feel you could profit from these potential changes or are simply looking to protect your best interests, you know that the more you have a hand in the events that are soon to come, the less likely you are to be a victim of them.

Sunset Cove characters will be built using the Blood and Smoke rules, with 50 experiences, and starting with 3 Blood Potency instead of the usual 1. Your characters have been around the block a few times, they just haven’t been directly involved in the local political scene… until now. Primary reference books will Blood and Smoke, Shadows Of Mexico, and Damnation City, although bloodlines from any of the VtR line books can be used with Storyteller approval.

The Court

The Territories

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