Court of Sunset Cove

Prince – Harper Van Allen (Nos, Invictis)

Bloodline: Galloi (Legendary)

Harper is old money. Most of the Kindred are aware of her background – it’s hard not to be since she delights in telling anyone in earshot all about it. Her father’s successful export business, how he always knew America was going to change the world, and how gleefully she turned on her sire the first chance she got for turning her into a monster. Why couldn’t she have been embraced by a beautiful Daeva, or a Ventrue of proper breeding. No, her sire had to be a dirty, disgusting hobo of a Nosferatu. But no matter, once she had dispatched of that heathen, she was quickly taken under the wing of a local Galloi that taught her the secrets of beauty. Now Kindred and human alike flock to her spas to learn her cult’s secrets. Which is just the way she likes it.

Seneschal – Lucia Veracruz (Daeva, Lancea)

Bloodline: Malintzin (Shadows of Mexico)

Harper’s passion for her Galloi pursuits is undeniable, but this city doesn’t run on her spas alone. Lucia has been more than happy to take on the task of running the rest of the city, so Harper doesn’t have to be bothered with people who don’t see things her way. Lucia is also old money, hailing from a wealthy Spanish family, so Harper trusts her to watch out for “their people”. While Lucia considers herself a devout member of the Lancea, her business acumen gives her much empathy for the Invictis. She maintains a small office building in the industrial area near the stadium.

Sheriff – Mateo Ortez (Gangrel, Lancea)

Bloodline: Dead Wolves (Shadows of Mexico)

When Mateo was young, California was not yet a state, and the Uratha ruled most of the land that would eventually become the U.S./Mexico border. He was born into that heritage, assumed he would join their ranks in time, but instead the war would bring a strange group of outsiders from Texas, calling themselves the Dead Wolves, into the area. They warned of changes to come and recruited many young men, Mateo included, into their ranks. They knew of the ways of Mateo’s people, but while they carried the soul of the wolf, they were people of the blood… vampires. They warned that more of their kind were coming, but promised a compromise. Indeed, these days the Uratha are given jurisdiction over the older parts of the city, the barrio is theirs, and Mateo has secured his position as Sheriff to make sure his new people remember their promises.

Primogen – Brendan Connelly (Mekhet, Crone)

Bloodline: Alucinor

Sunset Cove has been perfect for Brendan’s business as a psychic for hire. It is a place full of wealthy, but quietly desperate people who come to him for meaning, in between spa visits. Bren wonders if Harper isn’t on to something and finds her fascinating. Fortunately, most of the local kindred find him to be either insightful or useful, or a harmless eccentric, which results in few real enemies, letting him study the arcane mysteries in relative quiet at his home on Isla Rey.

Primogen – Jenny Tanaka (Daeva, Carthian)

Bloodline: Toreador

Jenny rarely makes it to court, preferring to rule her own little domain in the Gaslamp district of Sunset Cove, where she oversees a handful of gastropubs, boutique stores, and art galleries run by her fellow Carthians, who find the idea of Princes and Courts outdated. Jenny sees the current trend of vampires in pop culture as a sign that if the Kindred can just learn to find their place in mortal culture, maybe someday they will be accepted as “blood dependent” rather than monsters.

Jenny’s Boyfriend – Isaac Spooky (Human, Musician)

Lead singer of local Hipster/Goth/Steampunk band The Plain Black Teas, the unofficial house band of Jenny’s microbrew bar, Type A Brewery. Isaac and Jenny have been dating for several months now, but he still seems to be in the dark about her “condition” and has not displayed any ghoul traits thus far. The Sheriff has been keeping close tabs on their relationship – Harper is hoping for a masquerade violation and one seems inevitable given Jenny’s stance on the matter. Isaac, to his credit, seems more interested in discussing the local music scene than digging into Jenny’s personal business. It’s possible he sees her more as a useful connection than anything serious.

The Jester – Quinn Besnik (Gangrel, Ordo Dracul)

Bloodline: Ravnos

Quinn’s sense of humor and lack of social graces may have earned him the Jester title in the Court, but he doesn’t really mind. The less people take him seriously, the more of their secrets they trust him with. Quinn makes a point of being the go-to guy – you need something moved around the city on the down low? Quinn is your guy. You can find him on the boardwalk on most nights, either leading karaoke night at the beach side bar, or making sure the carnival games are paying him his cut.

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