Territories of Sunset Cove

Sunset Boardwalk (Quinn) – A tourist trap along the beach, the Boardwalk houses a number of kitschy bars, curio shops, and a carnival area with rides and games. This is Quinn’s hunting ground, although he is happy to allow “visitors” if they are willing to make it worth his while.

Fizzpop Statium (Neutral) – Home of the Sunset Soldiers, the local football team, this enclosed stadium also hosts a number of concerts and events off season. It is located in the heart of a busy industrial area. Since this area tends to be nigh abandoned at night unless there is an event going on, it is considered neutral territory. Before any major event, Harper will hold an Elysium to raffle off feeding rights for that night.

Gaslamp District (Jenny) – A hipster haven of antique shops, gastropubs, and trendy night clubs, Gaslamp is where most of the college crowd can be found when they aren’t in class. A growing group of Carthians call this area home. They are generally unfriendly to more “conservative” Kindred who try to pass through.

Starlight Spas (Harper) – Harper’s exclusive feeding ground. Only those she most favors are ever given hunting permissions there, and that is usually limited to her fellow Galloi cult members.

U.C. Sunset Cove (Unclaimed) – The local university, UCSC is located on the bluffs overlooking the cove Sunset Cove is named for. As well known for its party scene as it is for its excellent marine biology program.

The Barrio (Mateo) – There is a long held understanding between the werewolves that patrol the barrio and the ruling Kindred. It is the Uratha’s territory, but members of the Dead Wolves bloodline or Kindred given special permission by the Sheriff may hunt there on occasion.

The Business District (Lucia) – Although most of the Kindred in this area are members of the Invictis, Lucia sees the sprawling industrial area between the port and the stadium as the perfect spot to keep an eye on everything that is happening in the city.

Isla Rey (Brendan) – A small “island” on the other side of the bay, home to the famously haunted Hotel Del Rey. Technically this is Brendan Connelly’s exclusive hunting grounds, but he is usually too wrapped up in his own business to notice “poachers”.

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