David Scott has been running games since joining his high school RPG club in 1994 and has run everything from RIFTS to Spirit of the Century. He once preferred to create and prepare his own RPG systems but now finds the flexibility of GURPS and the new World of Darkness to be enough of a playground. David is a published short story author and enjoys working on settings and backgrounds as well as mechanics. He is a Steve Jackson MIB.  When David isn’t participating in RPG events, he’s writing about them over at Topless Robot. (See Publications Listing Here)

Julie Scott has been into RPGs since the Christmas she received a certain Red Box filled with D&D goodies, which later progressed to West End’s Star Wars, Traveller New Era, GURPS, and pretty much any other system someone wanted to introduce her to, including LARPing Vampire at local goth clubs. She has been behind the GM screen off and on since 1999, with a particular fondness for running games that don’t take themselves too seriously. She has been a monthly GM for Dead Gamers Society for over four years and is an MIB for Steve Jackson games.

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