Topless Robot Articles (Written by David, Copy Edited by Julie):

Daredevil on Netflix (Apr 2015)

Arrow (Feb 2015)

Worst of Tabletop 2014 (Jan 2015)

Comikaze (Nov 2014)

Supernatural (Oct 2014)

Anita Sarkeesian (Sept 2014)

Dark Dungeons (Aug 2014)

D&D 5th Edition (Aug 2014)

David Goyer (May 2014)

Wondercon (April 2014)

D.C. Comics/Forever Evil (March 2014)

Hannibal (Feb 2014)

2013 Year End RPG Wrap Up (Jan 2014)

PS4: The Black Friday Chronicles (Dec 2013)

Getting Back Into Tabletop Games (Oct 2013)

L.A. By Night (Sept 2013)

World of Darkness (Sept 2013)

GMs & Players At Every Con (Aug 2013)

Short Stories by David:

“A Day in the Park” on 8763 Wonderland

“Theorem” on Toasted Cheese

“The Worst Planet in the Universe” in The First Line

Listen to “The Worst Planet in the Universe” in podcast format (Coming Soon)

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