DGS: Mirrors

Mirrors is a nWoD cross over game run by Julie for DGS – every first Sunday of the month, now in it’s 4 year.

You can check out the Meetup here.

4th Season intro:

You are walking along an abandoned city street and all around you the buildings are covered in thorny vines. You know you are sleeping, and yet it feels so very real. Is this a memory, or the vivid imagining of a story you heard from one of the elders? Either way the dream ends the same – there is the sounds of hoofs, a dull noise that quickly becomes an overwhelming roar as an army of strange beings atop dozens of beautiful stags begins chasing you through the streets. They never catch you; you always manage to wake up before they get that close.

When you do awake, you are back at home, in the settlement known as Hindsight, one of several underground sanctuaries scattered throughout the Southwest during the war. This particular settlement is protected by a weathered mage named Gideon. He established wards that he said would keep the Arcadians from finding the survivors back in 2020. Gideon saved who he could, but you can tell sometimes, when he tells stories of the old days, he can’t help but wonder if he couldn’t have done something more. But what’s past is past, as he likes to say. Hindsight.

Did anyone else survive the war? What became of the other settlements? It seems you are about to find out. Gideon had a vision a few days ago, nearly a century since the wards were put in place. The separation between Earth and Arcadia had been reestablished, and the deathly forests with their armies of fae hunters, hobgoblins, giants, and other nasty business were returning to whence they had come from. Was it safe now beyond the doors? Could there be a chance of a life outside these walls once more? Gideon required a team of volunteers to find out. You raised your hand and said, “I’ll go.”

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