Kadath Powers


It’s not to say that every Fright is a monster, but there’s no resident of the cursed lands around Kadath that remains untouched by the cloak of death… death, if not something worse

Darkvision  (Color)

Frights are creatures of darkness in the end, and many have no need of light to see.

Rapier Wit (Words of Power)

It’s not that Frights are blessed with skills at wordplay – they just happen to know fragments of lost, forbidden languages and the words of the dream-gods. A mere handful of syllables can leave mortals reeling.

Shadow Form

Frights come from the shadows and sometimes they can take the form of shadows, as well.


Those who live in the shadows of the gods have no fear of humans or urge to conform to their pressures.

Kadath OR Clockwork   

Common Sense (Active)              

Tocks and Frights can both keep you out of trouble – it’s just a question if they’re asking the angels or the devils.

Psychometry (Hypersensory)   

Kadath and Clockwork are both famed for their investigators – they do tend to look for different things, though.


Fine-tuning human machinery and eldritch enchantments can both muffle sound.

Filter Lungs       

Tocks and Frights both deal with poisoned atmospheres.  It’s just that Clockwork is willingly poisoned, more or less.


Either a Tock or a Fright will tell you the universe has Meaning. It’s just that the Meaning differs depending on which you ask.

Kadath OR Neverland   

Unaging + Extra Life      

Grogs and Frights can both come back from what is the final step for most others. Grogs tend to return with the power of their own legend, Frights due to special influence with death.

Serendipity (wishing)   

The more cynical among us wonder what the real difference between a Grog wishing to Nodens and the Faeries and a Fright wishing to the Elder Gods. The effect is the same, anyway.

Super Luck (Alter Reality)           

Willpower can shape either Neverland or Kadath as they are true dreamlands. Their most powerful children can do the same in the ‘normal’ world.

Mind Control (sense based)      

The song of a Grog can be as sweet as a Siren’s and just as dangerous. The fashionable Fight tends towards a hypnotic stare, though.

Slippery x 5       

Anyone who has ever tried to hold on to a child or a mermaid can testify that they are slippery as can be. Tentacles and unlidded eyes are, too, though in a bit of a different way.

Kadath OR Wonderland               

Darkvision (Color)          

Wonderland is subterranean and thus parts are quite dark, but Aces do quite love the flowers there. Fights have evolved past the need for sight for a host of other, unsettling reasons.


The Cheshire cat is the most famous Wonderlander with the ability to fade in and out. Kadath, on the other hand, has no lack of things spectral.


Aces and Frights will both sneak up on you… it’s an open question which you’d least like to see vanish from sight.

Shadow Form   

Either an Ace or a Fright can be flat, though Frights tend more towards ‘living shadow’ and Aces more towards ‘living playing card’.


You never know when an Ace or a Fright you run up against just won’t know how to die. If you survive, best visit the libraries and start trying to find the thing that kills them.

Detect (Kadath, Immortals)

Frights can sense Kadath and its influence as well as anyone who does not age – their connection to the dream gods lets them sense immortality.


Frights can vary between humans that are a bit uncanny and elder things that just wear human form. Those closer to the ‘thing’ side may well prove unkillable by normal means.

Supernatural Durability + Immunity – Metabolic Hazards

A Fright with these qualities is basically dead already. It doesn’t mean they’ve stopped moving around and getting up to things, though. In fact, some Frights get much busier once they’ve gotten death out of the way.


Kadath is the home of things ancient and eldrtich and Frights say it is the source of all true sorcery. Regardless of the origin, anyone using proper magic will soon draw the attention of Nyarlhotep.


Some Frights look beyond the world around them to things of a greater reality. This lets them look through the tangled skeins of the world around us.

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