Neverland Powers


Although most Grogs are more at home on a ship than in the air, a surprising number of them have ‘taken a dust bath’ and rendered gravity’s pull optional as a result.

Daredevil (levelled, max 4)    

Nodens and the Pan smile upon courage, and many a Grog can turn suicide to victory with sheer stubbornness.

Unaging + Extra Life 

It’s well known that some Grogs don’t age, such as the unending and sometimes-disturbing youth of the Found. What’s less known is that they may come right back after you send them to the other side.

Doesn’t Breathe (Gills) 

Thought to be the result of a connection to Neverland’s mermaid population, Grogs with gills are less spectacular than the fliers but still find many uses for the ability to breathe water.


Grogs have an inherent connection to youth and renewal, and can sometimes channel this energy into an ability to heal others.

Detect (Neverland, Wealth, Analyze)  

Grogs can sense their own or the influence of Neverland. They also know how much money is in the area and right where it is.


The Pan is most famous for this trick but many Grogs find imitating any sound invaluable.

Rapier Wit 

Grogs are tricky sorts, and their tongues are as sharp as their blades. It is not uncommon for their opponents to be flummoxxed by wordplay. It is even less uncommon for Grogs to take advantage of this during battles or duels.

Racial Memory (Active / Lost Boys)   

No one really knows how long the hunting grounds of the Island have been there. But Grogs with a deep connection to Neverland proper can find answers among the wisdom and memories of the immortal children and faeries that live there.

True Faith (opposes Mythos)  

Little is understood about the gods of Kadath, but it is known that many or all of them have a great respect for Nodens (and the Pan, to a degree). Grogs capable of calling on the Elder Gods’ blessings find a degree of protection from the darkest denizens of the Dreamlands.

Neverland OR Wonderland       

Elastic Skin (Glamour)  

Mischief is the main reason for wearing another’s face, and both Grogs and Aces specialize in mischief.

Rapier Wit         

A Grog might stun you with a jibe, a Wonderlander with a nonsensical rhyme or riddle. Either may stab you while you’re trying to get your mind back in the swing of things.

Speak with Animals       

Aces and Grogs both enjoy the occasional conversation with dogs, cats, monkeys, or parrots. Some of them understand the answers.


The Aces that do it are half rabbit and sometimes make homes under the ground and the Grogs tend to do it for ambush. Either way, it’s one of the oddest things you’ll see.


When it comes to summoning illusions, an Ace will credit being from a world where reality changes at the whim of the resident while Grogs tip their pirate hat to faeries. Either way, they’ll make you miserable with it.

Neverland OR Clockwork

Weapon Master              

Tocks fight to prove fighting is a science while Grogs try to prove it’s an art. Being as they both seem equally gifted most just call it a draw.

See Invisible     

Tocks and Grogs are equally concerned with watching out for invisible things sneaking up behind (or in front of) them.


A Tock will call this a transcendent connection with the machinery of the gun. Neverlanders just call it fancy shootin’.

Destiny – Great Advantage         

Both Neverland and Clockwork will empower their children with powerful (and hopefully compatible) destinies.

True Faith (opposes Mythos)    

Tocks practice religion in a Cathedral or church while Grogs prefer the open ocean or quiet parts of the wilderness. Both can scare off the occasional beastie.

Neverland OR Kadath   

Unaging + Extra Life      

Grogs and Frights can both come back from what is the final step for most others. Grogs tend to return with the power of their own legend, Frights due to special influence with death.

Serendipity (wishing)   

The more cynical among us wonder what the real difference between a Grog wishing to Nodens and the Faeries and a Fright wishing to the Elder Gods. The effect is the same, anyway.

Super Luck (Alter Reality)           

Willpower can shape either Neverland or Kadath as they are true dreamlands. Their most powerful children can do the same in the ‘normal’ world.

Mind Control (sense based)      

The song of a Grog can be as sweet as a Siren’s and just as dangerous. The fashionable Fight tends towards a hypnotic stare, though.

Slippery x 5       

Anyone who has ever tried to hold on to a child or a mermaid can testify that they are slippery as can be. Tentacles and unlidded eyes are, too, though in a bit of a different way.


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