Heroes of Neverland – “Grog”

“Grogs” – A stereotype among your average person is that everyone from Neverland is some sort of Pirate. This is untrue, though to some extent logical, as most Neverlanders travelling the Earth actually are Pirates. An actual Pirate from Neverland would be quite proud to be called “Grog”, but inhabitants of the Neverland island might be quite insulted. Those who have left the Pan’s kingdom prefer to be known as the Found (as they are no longer lost). The underwater denizens of Neverland generally find ‘merpeople’ to be too much of a mouthful and sometimes refer to themselves as “mermaids” regardless of gender.


These characters will be available for play at Con:

Ned Land   

Secondary: Wonderland

Opposed: Kadath

The Prince of Harpooners is a friend to the downtrodden everywhere, having turned his attentions from Nemo to the dread agents of Nyarlhotep.

Lord Greystoke

Secondary: Clockwork

Opposed: Kadath

A Lord both in Parliament and in the jungle, Lord Greystoke in an unstoppable foe to those who enslave and torment the weaker.

Wendy Darling 

Secondary: Clockwork

Opposed: Kadath

Wendy Darling left Peter Pan behind to grow into adulthood but instead of returning to her normal British life she joined the Pirate Kingdoms, where she has known as a Pirate Queen.

James Hook   

Secondary: Clockwork

Opposed: Wonderland

James Hook, mortal enemy of Peter Pan, moved on to new enemies and frontiers when the other Dreamlands became known.

Mary Poppins 

Secondary: Wonderland

Opposed: Kadath

Once satisfied to correct the behavior of children, Mary Poppins now defends their dreams and reality from the darkness.

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