Adventure Log

“Descend the Train”

In this adventure, the Oddfellows caught wind of illegal moon-rubies circulating in London. Soon they discovered moon-pirates of Kadath were trying to use these rubies to fund mischief in England and the Continent besides. Splitting into two teams, they investigated both the moon-pirate ship and a train they were infiltrating. The first team, made of Annie Oakley, Nikolai Tesla, and Alice Lidell investigated the train while Charles Babbage, Wendy Darling, Sam the Lost Girl*, and Randolph Carter travelled to the harbor. The first team, eventually joined by Babbage, managed to prevent a plot to blow up the train, while the second team captured and flew a moon-pirate ship to join them. Things were complicated by an air-warship crewed by some of Dr. Moreau’s human-like animals, but eventually the Oddfellows triumphed in airship combat as well.


“Ascend the Tower”

This time, a small team of Oddfellows made up of Captain Hook, Mary Poppins, Sam the Lost Girl*, and Harry the Gun-Bunny* travelled across the Channel to assist in a most delicate situation. A crazed Thomas Edison, gone mad with scientific desire, had decided to repurpose the newly-built Eiffel Tower for some mad purpose or another. After an airship-lift from Phileas Fogg, the Oddfellows were set upon by American thugs, who were as well-armed as one would expect. Finally, the Oddfellows emerged triumphant through a mixture of gun-fighting and sword-fighting, with Captain Hook cornering Edison and subduing him despite taking a bullet in his leg while Mary Poppins dismantled Edison’s strange machinery.


*Customized Character

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