Heroes of Clockwork – “Tocks”

“Tock” – Clearly a play on the ‘clock’ part of clockwork, this nickname can be irritating to the more literal-minded/analytical Tocks as clockwork does not necessarily imply an actual clock. On a related note, Tocks who overthink things and correct the slang of others are often known as “ticks”, which sounds somewhat like another clock reference but is said to actually be a comparison to blood-sucking insects. If one were to meet an actual native of Clockwork, a refugee from the Factories Endless might refer to him or herself as a Drudge, and a former resident of the Airship cities might be called an Olympian.


These characters will be available for play at Con:

Phileas Fogg

Secondary: Neverland

Opposed: Wonderland

After circumnavigating the world in less than 80 days, Fogg turned his fortune to exploration and adventure, usually onboard one of his airships.

Nikolai Tesla

Secondary: Wonderland

Opposed: Kadath

Nikolai Tesla, Wizard and master of electricity, spreads wonder and high science wherever he goes.

C. Auguste Dupin

Secondary: Wonderland

Opposed: Neverland

Unlike Sherlock Holmes, dreams of Dupin were not strong enough to pull him wholly into our world. Instead, he has merged with his creator, resulting in a mixture of cold, logical detective and tormented alcoholic.

Annie Oakley

Secondary: Wonderland

Opposed: Kadath

The famous sharpshooter and entertainer, after using her skills to achieve world-wide fame, has decided to prove herself by opposing Nyarlhotep.

Wild Bill

Secondary: Neverland

Opposed: Kadath

Wild Bill is not only a gunslinger but a hunter and survivalist who is seeking to make his way in a strange new world.

Florence Nightingale

Secondary: Neverland

Opposed: Kadath

A healer and a scientist, Florence Nightingale has tapped into the power of Clockwork to create outposts of science and hope.

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