Heroes of Wonderland – “Ace”

“Aces” – Those from Wonderland have a reputation for being unpredictable and too clever for their own good, hence Aces. The card metaphor continues, though – an amorous Wonderlander is often known as a Heart. On the more insulting side, a dead Wonderlander is often called a Spade. The more uncouth among us sometimes use this term more casually to refer to a boring Wonderlander, which is common than you would think as some Wonderlanders sink into obsession and strangeness. On a final note – be careful using the term Joker or Fool as this can either be viewed as a great compliment or a terrible insult.


These characters will be available for play at Con:

Alice Lidell  

Secondary: Neverland

Opposed: Clockwork

Alice Lidell serves as the English ambassador to Wonderland, and the skills she has gained living there serve her well in the dangerous new world.

Harry Houdini  

Secondary: Clockwork

Opposed: Kadath

Although known for his supernatural feats and stage magic, Harry Houdini is renowned for his logical thinking and personal discipline.

John Dolittle

Secondary: Neverland

Opposed: Kadath

John Dolittle, the man who talks to animals, is a pacifist who nonetheless fights to protect humanity’s companions from supernatural predation.


Secondary: Neverland

Opposed: Kadath

Zorro, the hero of California, now strives to liberate Wonderland from the tyrannical Queen.

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