Heroes of Kadath – “Frights”

“Fright” – Those from Kadath and its surroundings are not all monsters. But they do all tend to be monstrous or, failing that, somehow off, wrong in a way that is hard to quantify with casual observation. These dreamlands are the oldest, with residents that in some circumstances have lived there for centuries, long after their deaths on Earth. Their dream lives (or after lives) are lived in the shadow of Kadath, home to ancient dream-gods as well as Nyarlhotep itself. When discussing amongst themselves, assuming they are human or at least human-like Imaginaries, Frights generally self-identify with their home region – West, South, East, North, or the Underworld. The darker, inhuman residents (gods or demons or their servitors, as you like) generally identify with their race’s patron being.


These characters will be available for play at Con:

Adam F.   

Secondary: Wonderland

Opposed: Clockwork

Adam is an undead monstrosity who retains the feelings and emotions of a human.

Randolph Carter

Secondary: Neverland

Opposed: Clockwork

Randolph Carter is a great Dreamer and explorer in Kadath as well as a champion of humanity.

Victor Frankenstein    

Secondary: Clockwork

Opposed: Neverland

Wielding necromantic forces in the name of science, Victor Frankenstein’s experiments horrify most who hear of them.

Charles Babbage 

Secondary: Clockwork

Opposed: Wonderland

Charles Babbage, part man and part machine, lives on past his natural span of years with the aid of machinery.

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